The First Move in an Effective Job Search Is to Search Out Who You Really Are.  Here’s How!

  • drbob
  • December 6, 2017

One of the biggest obstacles my job search clients face in my initial work with them is working to identify their talents and culling their professional accomplishments they have already achieved, in addition to building confidence.

Dr. Bob provides career guidance identifying skills for a resume or interview in your first assessment.In preparing themselves to enter the job market, this process for job seekers is critical — it clearly sets the tone in selling themselves both in the written and verbal sense. So many times, my clients try to convince me that they haven’t accomplished anything. They say (not ask) – “How can I sell myself in my resume and in an interview if I haven’t accomplished anything.” After one hour (or less) I pull out three or more accomplishments and then politely ask them – who did that? Their answer – “I did ! ” Great.

My next question:  Can you do it again?  Their answer – “Yes!” Now we’re getting somewhere.

I realize that most of my clients (including – believe it or not – several Vice Presidents of Sales & Marketing with whom I have worked) think they haven’t accomplished anything. Hogwash! They absolutely have – but don’t see it.

Well, give me one hour with you and I’ll show you all that you have achieved and more. It’s nice news to get. Another point I try to drive home with my clients is to imagine that invisible question flashing in red neon lights over the interviewer’s head:

What Can You Do For Me, My Company, My Staff, My Customers?

I then say to my clients (politely, of course) please do not give me the standard answers:  “I’m a hard worker”, “I’m a team player”, “I’m flexible”. Those answers get you nowhere. And please do not EVER, EVER say that I’m a “people person.” Sure you’re polite and engaging, but get down to brass tacks and answer that question flashing incessantly and brightly over the Hiring Manager’s head.

How Do You Get to Answer That in a Meaningful Manner?

Think about it. Dig out the professional accomplishments you have achieved and your list of talents — and put up your own flashing lights. Have you consistently met stringent deadlines? Have you helped generate repeat customer business? Have your efforts increased customer satisfaction? Did you help to reduce costs, save money and time? If the answer is “YES,” then those are examples of your accomplishments! And they can lead to answers that Hiring Managers may want to hear to get you hired.

Confidence is extremely important in the job search process. One critical and very necessary step is to get it through the professional accomplishments you have achieved. I can help you confidently provide your best examples of how you were successful.

Here’s How!

One of my favorite motivational speakers was Zig Ziglar, a legendary salesman and author. Zig used to say:  to help increase your confidence you must create Victory Lists. For all you job seekers, creating your Victory List (identifying all your professional accomplishments to date) is one of the first places to start to help yourself land that fulfilling job. Launch your Victory Campaign Now. . .  Call Me and We’ll Work on it Together.