Career Coaching, Training and Counseling Services for CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Motivated Individuals, including customized Business Strategies

Dr. Robert J. Gonet (Dr. Bob) is a proven expert in leadership and career development. He has trained and coached over 4,000 clients (CEOs, Executives, Managers, Teams, Staff and Students) so they can be more effective, move up in their careers or simply move into a more challenging position.

Working with Dr. Bob, you will feel empowered. His unique ability to persuade, motivate, and inspire you to take meaningful action, elevates his coaching above all others. And he is with you all the way.

Key Services

Executive Coaching


Executive Training and Coaching, Customized Business Strategies

Dr. Bob identifies what is blocking your way of being an even more successful executive. He charts an achievable course of action and – working closely with you – helps you reach your desired goal that was once viewed as unattainable. Follow the above link to learn more.

Corporate Training


Corporate Training, Tailored for Leaders and Teams

Here, Dr. Bob’s training is specifically tailored to your talented team. His method is scenario-based, immediately applicable, and highly interactive. Dr. Bob’s platform skills are entertaining and inspiring, yet, he has the ability to engage individuals and inspire them to immediately apply the tools he has shared. Follow the above link to learn more.

Career Counseling

Dr. Bob provides career guidance identifying skills for a resume or interview in your first assessment.

Career Counseling, Coaching and Training

Career Guidance and Training is where Dr. Bob especially excels – having worked with top New England  firms for years. Venturing out on his own, he has built up a successful and impressive track record. Career Services are provided in strict confidence with integrity, transparency, compassion and respect. Follow the above link to learn more.

Dr. Bob’s experience spans a broad spectrum of businesses and industries including:  Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, Food, Health Care, Higher Education, Hospitality, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Non-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, and Utilities.

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Executive Coaching Blogs


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A critical component of effective leadership is the professional relationships leaders create with their direct reports. The stronger the relationship between the leader and the direct report, the higher the likelihood of success. Although many people may agree that relationships between leaders and direct reports are very important, they do not always act on it.…

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Corporate Training Blogs

Corporate Training Blog

Staff Accountability Reveals New Pathways to Real Business Results. Here’s How!

Out of all the leadership trainings I have delivered in the last 20 years – Accountability has clearly been my #1 draw. And my guess is that it will continue to be. More often than I can count, department leaders have asked me the question: What is the top issue you deal with when you work…

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Career Counseling Blogs

Career Counseling Blog

The First Move in an Effective Job Search Is to Search Out Who You Really Are. Here’s How!

One of the biggest obstacles my job search clients face in my initial work with them is working to identify their talents and culling their professional accomplishments they have already achieved, in addition to building confidence. In preparing themselves to enter the job market, this process for job seekers is critical — it clearly sets…

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