Dr. Bob’s Expertise Covers These Three Areas of Contemporary Coaching:  Executive Coaching and Development – Corporate Training for Leaders and Teams – Career Guidance and Job Placement Assistance.

Executive Coaching, Training


Corporate Training


Career Counseling

Dr. Bob provides career guidance identifying skills for a resume or interview in your first assessment.

Executive Leadership Training and Coaching, One-on-One Customized for Your Unique Requirements

The main thrust of Dr. Bob’s work centers on his belief system; that existing and emerging leaders have a great deal of untapped potential yet to be realized. Dr. Bob identifies what gets in your way of being successful, charts out an ‘achievable’ course of action, and – together – helps you reach that desired outcome. If you feel stuck and aren’t where you want to be in your career, it’s time to take your ‘professional game’ to a higher level. With Dr. Bob’s help, you and your company will reap higher team productivity, increases in customer satisfaction, new and repeat business and ultimately higher revenue.

Executive Coaching, Training

“Existing and Emerging Leaders Have a Great Deal of Untapped Potential…”

His one-on-one, highly engaging style coupled with his unique ability to get you to take immediate action will enable you or your company to get ahead and stay there. Working with Dr. Bob, you’ll – without question – feel empowered. His unique ability to persuade, motivate, and ultimately inspire you to take action clearly separates him from others.

Certified in several 360 leadership tools, Dr. Bob operates from a defined and methodical executive coaching model. Through this model and his background, his focus on metrics helps more efficiently and effectively clarify the coaching objectives in his work with his clients. This process not only clarifies and helps accelerate the goal getting process but it also helps identifies what’s getting in the way of success. Follow this link to Read More . . .

Corporate Training, Tailored for Leaders and Teams

Dr. Bob helps companies be more effective by training and guiding teams in how to identify their unique talent and skills and strengthen their leadership qualities which strengthens team cohesion and solidarity, enhances team performance productivity and places them on an accelerated path for future success in their respective and future positions. And what are the ultimate benefits to companies, departments, and customers – customer satisfaction, repeat business, increased revenue and more.

Among the many professional with whom he delivers his trainings include: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, Physicians, General Managers, Sales Managers, Finance Managers, Retail Managers, Customer Service Managers, Nursing Directors, Administrative Support, and Students. Follow this link to Read More . . .

Career Counseling, Coaching, Training and Job Placement

Dr. Bob also has a successful track record of preparing clients for career changes, guiding them on how to set-up a strategic job search, or coaching them on enhancing their selling power at every level and helping them build or increase their networking activity that ultimately leads to a fulfilling job. He is all about helping his clients identify the right careers and land the right jobs. Follow this link to Read More . . .

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Each blog post will cover the all these categories and provide the latest topics, tips and insights to help you learn more about leadership, team building and how to be top of mind on the job.

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