Corporate Training for Teams, Leaders and Managers, as well as Motivated Individuals

Starting in the late 1990s, Dr. Bob Gonet has been continuously developing and delivering top level training programs to highly motivated corporate managers and leaders in public and private U.S. organizations.

His highly praised training sessions – fully customized to meet unique client needs and the individual issues at hand – range in length from hours to a few mornings to many months. All sessions are interactive, low key, focused, probing, revealing, and – in the end – prove to be a wise investment, when looked at in terms of improved corporate interaction and positive results across the board.

Basically, Dr. Bob Will Never Deliver a “Cookie Cutter” Presentation. Never.

In preparation for every client problem solving session, Dr. Bob invests an impressive amount of time researching the organization, interviewing individuals, and reviewing the expectations they have. He then tailors the training program to fit that particular business.

Key Corporate Trainings for Experienced and Emerging Leaders

  • Comfortably and Methodically Resolving Staff Conflicts
  • Developing and Retaining Quality Staff Without Spending a Dime
  • Tactfully Holding Staff Members Accountable & Achieving Team Results
  • Creating Positive Change Among All Team Players
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Building Cohesive & Highly Productive Teams
  • Instituting Employee Care Techniques For Higher Morale and Motivation
  • Setting and Achieving Goals: The Self-Discipline Crucial To Success
  • Interviewing Strategies: Recognizing and Hiring The Right People
  • Becoming a One Minute Staff Development Coach
  • Identifying and Expanding Talent On The Team
  • Taking the Initiative: Learning To be Bold
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Management: The Art of Effective Management
  • Enthusiastically Engaging Employees: Building Group Pride
  • Techniques On Developing Mentoring Programs: Staff Interaction
  • The Primary Skill All Leaders Need To Have and Learn: The Power To Influence
  • Proactive Problem Solving and Initiating
  • Not Time Management – But Priority Management
  • Building Effective and Productive Teams
  • The Art Of Effective Delegation
  • Using The Performance Evaluation Process As A Development Tool
  • Employee Surveys Are In: Now What Do I Do With The Results?

Success Stories:  What Clients Say About
Dr. Bob’s Corporate Training

Looking Beyond the Crisis. Motivating and Managing Staff at Every Level

Success story from Raymond L'Heureux on how Dr. Bob motivated his staff by looking beyond the crisis.Dr. Bob Gonet was exactly what I needed!!! My company was experiencing a major crisis due to a legal loophole cutting our staff’s sales by 40%. I needed someone to not only increase morale but prevent each staff member from leaving. Bob came through for us — Big!

Immediately after Bob’s training, my entire sales staff booked a combined $250,000 the following weekend and increased department productivity by $1,000,000 in 6 months – all after a very traumatic time. Bob helped create an environment where all of my staff wanted to stay, got them all on the same page, helped establish kinship and solidarity to achieve one common goal. Bob Gonet is NOT your typical trainer. He is VERY different, perceptive and offers very practical techniques. I have hired Bob back several times for additional training and coaching.

Raymond L’Heureux, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Ocean Cliff of Newport and Ocean Edge Resort

A Partner in our Leadership and Development Initiatives

Success story from Ann Lustwerk on how Dr. Bob helps her team with leadership and career development issues.Bob Gonet has worked with our company both as a coach and as a trainer for over 13 years. Bob’s areas of expertise and trainings he has delivered for us include:


  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting
  • How to be a One Minute Staff Development Coach
  • Management Accountability Techniques
  • Retaining High Quality Staff without Spending A Dime
  • Interviewing/Hiring The Right People

In addition, Bob delivers 7 leadership modules per year for both our very successful Leadership Development and 2 for our new Emerging Leadership program.  These leadership modules include:  Attitude, Self-Discipline, Problem Solving, Creating Positive Change, Employee Engagement, Developing People, and How to Influence, Priority Management, and Coaching Techniques & Skills.

What we like, in addition to his engaging style and overall enthusiasm, is that Bob customizes his trainings and provides real, practical and useable tools that our managers immediately apply in the workplace.  What is especially important to note is that we are reaping real results from his trainings that can be consistently seen and measured in our Performance Appraisals. If we did not get the results – we would not keep re-hiring Bob.  But we get results and consider Bob to be an important partner in our management and leadership development initiatives. If you would like additional information about Bob, I would be more than willing to share that.

Anne Lustwerk, Training Coordinator
Sullivan Tire

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