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Expert, One-On-One Career Development Services, Transition, Resume and Interview Prep

Without question, Dr. Bob Gonet is an expert in the area of career coaching and development. He is all about helping his clients identify the right choices, the right careers and landing the right jobs. Above all, he is a realist, so you will not be sent over the rainbow, but anchored in the here and now.

Build Your Personal Brand, Identify the Right Career for You to Land a Fulfilling Job and Long-Term Success

Dr. Bob has provided quality career transition services, resume and interview prep for a wide variety of industries, geographies and employee populations — helping thousands of clients identify their true career path and settle into fulfilling jobs. Whether an executive or middle manager who is in transition, or being outplaced, or those who are searching for entirely new career opportunities, Dr. Bob has – without question – delivered.

For New Grads
For The Job Seeker
For the Career Changer
Transition Services, Resume and Interview Prep

Career Development Consulting

  • Get help clarifying your career objectives, your work style, your skills, your interests and go on to develop your new plan for success
  • Learn how to stay focused on your strengths and what you’ll bring to the next role
  • Use proven training techniques that will build your confidence, present challenges you can meet and defeat, and help you advance throughout your career
  • Learn life lessons that will last you a lifetime. Knowledge you can pass on. Dr. Bob will not only lift your spirits now and give you clear direction, but he’ll provide a balanced, understandable perspective that will help you achieve your goals.

New Grads – Middle Managers – Experienced Executives:
If You Want to Stand Out, Move Up, Step Out or Simply Do Better, Dr. Bob Can Show You The Best Way to Achieve your Goals.

For Executives

For Corporations

For those launching a new career, looking to create an updated job search strategy, resume and interview prep, as well as transitioning needs, Dr. Bob can help you find and act upon the best approach for you on a realistic timetable.

As you well know, today’s volatile, ever-evolving job market is continually presenting new challenges, new obstacles. Dr. Bob’s long experience, proven knowledge and strategic direction will help you get moving. And realize you are not going it alone.

  • Find the right career, develop your personal branding
  • Jump start your job search strategy; Ensure ongoing success at work. Develop as a manager or leader
  • Career Coaching for Resume Upgrades and Cover Letters, Interview Prep, Compensation Negotiation, Social Media/LinkedIn Networking, Presentations and Speaking Engagements


Dr. Gonet has affordable career development programs for the novice job searcher or new college graduate to develop their toolbox and the necessary skills to attain their first real job.

And, if you hate networking, he can make that easy too, you’ll be a convert.

Your confidence will grow with each new opportunity. Dr. Bob is your motivational coach and talent champion, he’ll be proud to be a dependable partner in your career success.

You Have A Choice Of Flexible, Personalized Career Programs

Choose from One or More of These Effective Services

  • Career Counseling, Planning and Assessment
  • Testing and Evaluation of Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Job Search Strategy  (Resume Review, Writing, Cover Letter Development, Interview Preparation,  Identify Your Strengths, Establish Your Style and Prepare The Best Answers)
  • Interview Tips and Techniques
  • How to Effectively Help an Employer Feel Compelled to Hire You Before Another Company Does
  • The Art of Salary Negotiation
  • Ongoing Coaching and Career Development


Highly Effective Career Guidance Training Programs

For The Job Seeker

Dr. Bob has a successful track record of preparing clients to embark on a strategic job search by enhancing their selling power and increasing their networking activity. This will greatly help in acquiring a fulfilling job. He has a unique ability to persuade, motivate and hold clients accountable.

Additional Career Services

  • Teaching clients how to persuasively sell themselves using the right networking and interview approaches, letter writing and negotiating.
  • Marketing plan preparation and execution
  • Working with recruiters
  • Video interviews and preparation


Getting the Job

  • How to Land a Fulfilling Job
  • Writing Strong Accomplishment Statements
  • Developing A Powerful Resume Tailoring Your Resume to Specific Job Descriptions
  • Writing Needs Contribution Cover Letters
  • Identifying and Marketing Your Brand through Linkedin
  • Mining Your Linkedin Data
  • Tapping into the Formal Market
  • Identifying and Managing Recruiters
  • Enhancing Your Selling Power
  • Creating a Compelling 30-Second Commercial
  • Developing Needs Contribution Statements
  • Increasing and Streamlining Your Networking Activity
  • Developing and Executing a Solid Marketing (Job Search) Plan
  • Staying Motivated Throughout The Job Search Process
  • Confidently & Persuasively Expressing Yourself During the Interview The Art of Body Language in the Interview Process
  • Salary and Compensation Negotiation – Preparation and Execution

For the Career Changers

Dr. Gonet has a methodical approach that encompasses the utilization of Career Assessments. These focus on personal skills, interests, accomplishments, values, ideal jobs, organizational contributions, passions, and differentiators.

When clients know their core professional talents, interests, passions, values, ideal jobs, and deliverables, they are one important step closer to landing the right job and strengthening their personal brand.

  • Comprehensive Assessments that Identify the Right Career For You Clarifying Career Objectives, Skills and Interests
  • Be a Verb – Not a Noun – A Skill – Not a Title
  • Developing a Methodical Plan of Action


Transition Services, Resume and Interview Prep

Dr. Bob Gonet provides affordable professional career management and career counseling services to employees facing a move outside their organization. Dr. Bob is experienced in helping candidates see all the possibilities, reduce stress and build confidence by being well prepared. Dr. Bob is always there for you.

As our onboard Career Coach and Trainer for our Staples Fulfillment Center, Bob had the very difficult challenge of getting 56 of our Associates and Managers engaged and making them feel confident especially in light of the fact that they’re all losing their jobs. In short, Bob did it !! In addition, he has single-handedly wrote over 50 outstanding resumes for each of them and taught them how to obtain their next job via marketing, interviewing.

Bob Gonet was a bright, shining star in what could have been a very difficult situation for us. I highly recommend him as a Career Coach & Trainer.

Leslie Seegal, VP Merchandise Planning & Inventory Management at Clark’s,     Formerly at STAPLES

What Differentiates Dr. Bob Gonet from Others?

Dr. Bob’s Broad Client and Industry Experience as well as his ability to  Customize Training Sessions, Interact with People at Any Level, Motivate and Inspire Others and a Commitment to Always Being There for You!

•   He’s tough and does not let his clients off the hook.

•   He gets his clients to focus on two critical areas:  Enhancing their selling power and increasing their networking activity.

•   He helps his clients pay attention to details, make time and do what they are supposed to do (especially when they don’t want to do it).  No excuses.

Dr. Gonet knows that landing a job is tough and very time-consuming.  That’s why his no-nonsense style and laser-sharp approach cuts right to the core.


Success Stories: People Are Positive About Dr. Bob’s Career Guidance Programs And The Pathways He Builds.

I worked with Dr. Bob Gonet (Bob) for six months. During this time, I was seeking new employment. Bob was a fantastic career coach. He helped me to stay focused on me – my strengths, my successes, and what I could contribute to my next company.

I spent a lot of time during those months questioning my abilities. Bob did not let me spend any time wallowing in my doubts. His positive outlook and clear, prescriptive guidance was what kept me going. Bob advocated for networking and “pushed” me to challenge myself to reach out to colleagues. It was networking that resulted in my obtaining a great job with a wonderful, mission oriented company.

I highly recommend Dr. Bob Gonet to anyone who is changing jobs or who finds themselves a casualty of downsizing. Bob will lift your spirits and provide you with a balanced perspective to achieving personal and professional goals.

Joanne Landry, Chief Operating Officer     AETNA Better Health Louisiana

“I highly recommend Dr. Gonet as an executive coach. I hired Dr. Bob Gonet when I was leaving the corporate rat race of a large CPA firm. Dr. Gonet helped me look at all my career options and my skills and interests. We dug deep to find out what I was passionate about. After doing this background work, I decided that my passion was helping people with their business finances and started my own CPA firm. Transitioning from a salaried position to starting my own firm and supporting a growing family was a big undertaking and Dr. Gonet helped me map out and implement my plan. I am so glad I started my own CPA firm and often think of the huge positive impact Dr. Gonet has had on my professional and personal life.  Since then, I have hired Dr. Bob as my own Leadership Coach several times and am continually reaping measureable results.

John T. Lally, Owner

Dr, Bob Helped Me Find My New Comfort Zone .“Dr. Bob takes you through a proven multi-step process to clarify career objectives, produce a solid plan and develop the tools you need to succeed.

John Sorenson, VP of Marketing

Bob was a Fantastic Career Coach and Friend. 
He helped me to stay focused on me – my strengths, my successes, and what I could contribute to my next company. His positive outlook and clear, prescriptive guidance was what kept me going. Bob advocated for networking and “pushed” me to challenge myself to reach out to colleagues. It was networking that resulted in my obtaining a great job with a wonderful, mission-oriented company.

Joann Landry, Chief Operating Officer

Focus. Focus. Focus. He was great
As a recent graduate, Dr. Bob’s services were instrumental in helping me land a great job. He worked with me to improve my resume and taught me how to network effectively. He was most helpful in the way that he prepared me for interviews – specifically with the tough interview questions that most people fumble.

Corey Woodward, Sales Representative

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