Success Stories

People Are Positive About Dr. Bob’s Strategic Career Guidance and the Results He Produces

Joseph Zaccheo — Chief Operating Officer, Sullivan Tire and Auto Service

“I highly recommend Dr. Bob Gonet to work in your organization . . .

In short, Bob is very focused in assisting us in accomplishing the initiatives of our company. Without doubt, Bob has been a very valuable partner. The results he has helped us produce are in direct alignment with our corporate and divisional metrics (i.e., employee development / engagement, customer satisfaction and sales). What I like is that Bob is very goal-conscious and deadline-driven coupled with the fact that he uses a great balance of a sense of urgency and accountability to achieve our goals.

Clearly, Bob’s specialties are leadership development, executive coaching, and change management. Whether it be through his 1:1 work with some of our top employees within nearly every level of our organization or through our leadership development programs which he has helped customize and has been delivering for our existing and emerging leaders over the last 12+ years, Bob consistently gets high grades from our staff and from me. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t keep hiring him back. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Bob.”

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Steve Curtin — VP of Marketing, CEO, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to work with Bob when I was seeking to expand my career opportunities relative to marketing leadership roles. My experience working with him was an extremely positive one and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to “up their game” when it comes to their professional goals. Bob’s expertise helping clients to effectively “tell their story” is truly a difference-maker.

He inspires and motivates his clients to take “ownership” over their career journey and take a confident path to their next opportunity. He does this by helping them to understand the possibilities in front of them, using their past achievements to build that “confidence bridge” between what they have accomplished to-date to what they can achieve as they look forward to the future.”

Corporate Training for Leaders and Teams

Empowered Our Executive Leadership Team Through Customized Trainings

“I highly recommend that Dr. Bob Gonet work with your leadership team; particularly in the areas of engagement, change, & performance enhancement. Dr. Bob worked very closely with our leadership team during a time when morale was low, factions were divisive, and nepotism was obvious. This was causing a lot of unrest (to say the least) among our team and very good people were seriously thinking of quitting. After carefully customizing and administering an employee engagement/team building assessment to our leadership team, Dr Bob analyzed the results and then developed (based on the results and our answers) a set of specifically tailored trainings focused on how we, as a team, can be more proactive and less reactive.

Without question, he taught us how to very tactfully “air” our concerns in a safe manner where we would otherwise not do. He also facilitated the sessions in such a fun and interactive way where we took ownership over the actions we needed to take. Each one of us walked away from his sessions with specific individual and team goals that brought us closer together. Another critical component that Dr Bob offered were the recommendations he provided to our team and to myself (after the trainings had ended) if we were to be successful. Because of his recommendations and the techniques he taught, we are clearly and without reservation a much stronger and cohesive team. I’d be happy to answer questions you might have about Dr. Bob.”

— Kathy Costa Director of Human Resources, Southcoast Behavioral Health

Enthusiastically Engaged And Provided Valuable Tools For Our HIED Managers

“Our Human Resources, Talent Development division at Bridgewater State University hired Dr. Bob to facilitate a three part supervisors development series in Spring 2019.
Dr. Bob exceeded our expectations and that of our employees who participated. I was most satisfied with the fact that Dr. Bobs sessions were not standard power point trainings. He was engaging, fast on his feet and kept our employees engaged. I would highly recommend Dr. Bob for any type of organization as he has the experience needed in coaching and training to be able to work with a range of industries. Thank you Dr. Bob for all you have done for our supervisors and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Allison Costa Talent Engagement Relations at Bridgewater State University

Success story from Ann Lustwerk.

A Partner in our Leadership and Development Initiatives

“Bob Gonet has worked with our company both as a coach and as a trainer for over 16 years.  Bob’s areas of expertise and trainings he has delivered for us include:  

  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting 
  • How to be a One Minute Staff Development Coach 
  • Management Accountability Techniques 
  • Retaining High Quality Staff w/o Spending A Dime and 
  • Interviewing/Hiring The Right People 
    In addition, Bob delivers 7 leadership modules per year for both our very successful Leadership Development and 2 for our new Emerging Leadership program.  These leadership modules include:  Attitude, Self-Discipline, Problem Solving, Creating Positive Change, Employee Engagement, Developing People, and How to Influence, Priority Management, and Coaching Techniques & Skills.

What we like, in addition to his engaging style and overall enthusiasm, is that Bob customizes his trainings and provides real, practical and useable tools that our managers immediately apply in the workplace.  What is especially important to note is that we are reaping real results from his trainings that can be consistently seen and measured in our Performance Appraisals.  If we did not get the results – we would not keep re-hiring Bob.  But we get results and consider Bob to be an important partner in our management and leadership development initiatives. If you would like additional information about Bob, I would be more than willing to share that.”

Anne Lustwerk, Training Coordinator
Sullivan Tire

Looking Beyond the Crisis. Motivating and Managing Staff at Every Level

“Dr. Bob Gonet was exactly what I needed!!! My company was experiencing a major crisis due to a legal loophole cutting our staff’s sales by 40%. I needed someone to not only increase morale but prevent each staff member from leaving. Bob came through for us — Big!

Immediately after Bob’s training, my entire sales staff booked a combined $250,000 the following weekend and increased department productivity by $1,000,000 in 6 months – all after a very traumatic time. Bob helped create an environment where all of my staff wanted to stay, got them all on the same page, helped establish kinship and solidarity to achieve one common goal. Bob Gonet is NOT your typical trainer. He is VERY different, perceptive and offers very practical techniques. I have hired Bob back several times for additional training and coaching.”

Raymond L’Heureux, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Ocean Cliff of Newport and Ocean Edge Resort

Executive Training and Coaching

Opting Out of the Corporate Rat Race

“I highly recommend Dr. Gonet as an executive coach. I hired Dr. Bob Gonet when I was leaving the corporate rat race of a large CPA firm. Dr. Gonet helped me look at all my career options and my skills and interests. We dug deep to find out what I was passionate about. After doing this background work, I decided that my passion was helping people with their business finances and started my own CPA firm. Transitioning from a salaried position to starting my own firm and supporting a growing family was a big undertaking and Dr. Gonet helped me map out and implement my plan. I am so glad I started my own CPA firm and often think of the huge positive impact Dr. Gonet has had on my professional and personal life. Since then, I have hired Dr. Bob as my own Leadership Coach several times and am continually reaping measureable results”

John T. Lally, CPA, PC, Owner
CPA Firm specializing in Accounting, Tax and Consulting

We Would Hire Him Again

“I wanted very much to keep my Chief Finance Officer at my company but there were very clear areas that needed immediate attention. I hired Dr. Gonet to work with him. The bottom line was that Bob increased my CFO’s leadership initiative by well over 70% in the following areas: staff relationship development, communication follow through/deadlines, group participation, and priority management. It should also be mentioned that Bob very quickly established immediate rapport and trust which helped enhance the beginning phases of the professional development process. Because of Bob Gonet, my relationship with my CFO is significantly stronger. I am now getting the results I expect. I was (and still am) extremely pleased with Bob Gonet’s services and would, without reservation, hire him again.”

Kathy Trier, Executive Director & CEO
Community VNA

Dr. Bob Absolutely Empowered My Team

“I highly recommend Dr. Bob Gonet as a Performance Coach & Trainer for your organization. I was very concerned that I was going to lose a great deal of my nurses and wanted very much to keep them at my company. I hired Dr. Bob to work with 75 of them in a training capacity. Although the training was very emotional at times, I would definitely call it a success mainly because I have only lost one nurse. Dr. Bob brought back a sense of stability to my nurses by empowering them especially in the decision making process. Even though some of my nurses were very opinionated in the beginning of the training, they still rated him very, very high in the evaluations.

I also hired Dr. Bob to coach my CFO, COO, Clinical Directors, Private Pay Manager, and myself. The primary areas of focus were: team cohesion, relationship development, leadership development, sales, and communication. Thus far, he has made significant increases in our leadership initiative, confidence, team morale, sales, communication efficiency, and assertiveness. He helped me increase organization excitement and my accountability skills. Bob doesn’t just improve staff performance but he enhances and strengthens it. In short, we are thoroughly enjoying the benefits he has provided. Please call me for additional information.”

— Jane Stankiewicz, President & CEO
Community Health & Hospice Care (Retired 2016)


Performance at Every Level: Enhancing Employee Talent

“Dr. Bob Gonet is a talented motivational trainer and executive coach. His training techniques help individuals to reach beyond themselves and as a result they come away from his trainings/sessions with more than they expected.

He has presented both individual and group training sessions that have enhanced employee talent. Employees learn how to remove barriers, enhance interpersonal skills allowing for an immediate increase in the overall performance of an organization. He individualizes his work to the organization’s or individual’s needs. It definitely is not a “one size fits all” presentations/trainings.

. . . Dr. Bob has opened doors that increase an employee’s motivation, allowing employees to work together in achieving the organization’s goals and maximizing the performance of all. One of the best ways to invest in your employees is to consult with Dr. Bob Gonet.”

Deborah Zapasnik, Director of Human Resources
Community VNA

Delivering Results Had Immediate Impact

“Dr. Bob Gonet raised our whole dealership’s productivity. Under his tutelage I was able to become more organized with my scheduling, which has a positive impact on our staff meetings, goal setting and level of execution. 

. . . He is largely responsible for my dealership having an all time store record department and overall store net profit months. This was in the middle of the worst inventory situation that American Honda has ever been faced with, following the tsunami. He was able to have our store focus on the items we could control and continue to deliver record results in very trying times for most dealers.

Thank Goodness for Dr. Bob Gonet. The timing of our work together could not have been anymore perfect. As a new general manager of a Honda dealership Dr. Bob worked with me to set goals, delegate direction and deliver results. The impact was immediate because the entire store began to view me as a person who is confident, capable and person who can get things done.” 

Mike Skelton, General Manager
Cape Girardeau Honda, Missouri

Career Guidance, Coaching and Training, Resume and Interview Prep

Reinventing Yourself After Being Downsized

“I worked with Dr. Bob Gonet (Bob) for six months. During this time, I was seeking new employment. Bob was a fantastic career coach. He helped me to stay focused on me – my strengths, my successes, and what I could contribute to my next company. 

I spent a lot of time during those months questioning my abilities. Bob did not let me spend any time wallowing in my doubts. His positive outlook and clear, prescriptive guidance was what kept me going. Bob advocated for networking and “pushed” me to challenge myself to reach out to colleagues. It was networking that resulted in my obtaining a great job with a wonderful, mission oriented company.  

I highly recommend Dr. Bob Gonet to anyone who is changing jobs or who finds themselves a casualty of downsizing. Bob will lift your spirits and provide you with a balanced perspective to achieving personal and professional goals.”

Joanne Landry, Chief Operating Officer
AETNA Better Health Louisiana

He’ll Hold You Accountable and More

“If you do not want to be accountable for your own success, Dr. Bob is not for you. Dr. Bob takes you through a proven multi-step process to clarify career objectives, produce a solid plan and develop the tools you need to succeed. He will hold you accountable to do the work required and will force you to get outside of your comfort zone. All this and a great bedside manner.”

John Sorenson, Vice President of Marketing & Sourcing
Leap Year Publishing

Focus. Got It. Thanks. Great Experience!

“As a recent graduate, Dr. Bob’s services were instrumental in helping me land a great job. He worked with me to improve my resume and taught me how to network effectively. He was most helpful in the way that he prepared me for interviews – specifically with the tough interview questions that most people fumble.”

Corey Woodward, Sales Representative

When Life Gives You Lemons. . .
Make Lemonade!

“As our onboard Career Coach & Trainer for our Staples Fulfillment Center, Bob had the very difficult challenge of getting 56 of our Associates and Managers engaged and making them feel confident especially in light of the fact that they’re all losing their jobs. In short, Bob did it !! 

In addition, he has single-handedly wrote over 50 outstanding resumes for each of them and taught them how to obtain their next job via marketing, interviewing. Bob Gonet was a bright, shining star in what could have been a very difficult situation for us. I highly recommend him as a Career Coach & Trainer.”

Leslie Seegel, VP Merchandise Planning & Inventory Management
Clark’s, Formerly at STAPLES


How to Shorten the Transition to Your Next Role

“I heard Dr. Gonet speak at a group, job-coaching session and I knew I needed more of his help. This job market is difficult and to go it alone is impossible or at best – foolish. Dr. Gonet’s knowledge, expert direction and coaching are all essential in making that transition to your next position.

Don’t procrastinate; make that critical move and make Dr. Gonet part of your team.”

Robert Takach, Residential and Commercial Broker
Renaissance Realty


Identifying Core Strengths for Career Planning and Job Search

“I recently worked with Dr. Bob Gonet to facilitate career planning and the exploration of new employment opportunities. I can’t stress enough how much Bob assisted me in identifying and exploring my core strengths, organizing priorities as well as goals, and developing a concise roadmap for job searching. Bob was helpful from the outset in getting my focused on the essentials and eliminating or reducing the anxiety and concerns of making such a major life change as seeking a new job. I found that he knew exactly what to stress, which areas that he needed to push me on, and how to help me polish the areas that I had already mastered.

I am now happily ensconced in my new position and I am grateful to Bob for his assistance in helping me achieve the next milestone in my career.”

Laura Bourg, Program Project Manager
Environmental, Government, Ops and Process Specialist
PreSonus Audio Electronics, Baton Rouge, LA


Career Transition Became an Engaging Experience

“Dr. Bob is a seasoned, highly professional career coach. I worked with Dr. Bob in my latest career transition. Dr. Bob provided me with key tools to help me design a 30-second commercial, which proved to be very valuable in addressing one of the major introductory interview questions, ‘tell me a little bit about yourself’. Bob worked with me on mock interviews, how to write a winning cover letter and helped me to gain the confidence I needed to walk into a interview and not only present my qualifications, but explain what I could do for the company!

If you are in transition and looking for the next best opportunity, I feel confident that Dr. Bob can provide you with the tools and coaching you need to help you get there!”

Patricia ‘Patty’ Arsenault, Customer Experience Program Manager
Red Hat


“Because of Bob’s guidance and expertise I was able to land a great job. I am very happy with the level of service and the results.”

Bradley Meissner, Electrical Engineer


Resume and Cover Letter Template Are Successfully Now Refreshed

“It has been 26 years since I had to look for a job, and my resume needed some serious help. Dr. Bob worked with me to create an exceptional resume that stood out. He is an exceptional career coach and with his advice helped me to be confident in the job interviewing process. I highly recommend Bob as a career coach.”

Peta Ryan, Senior Analytical Development Chemist
Getinge Group

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